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This Update:
*2 new male stories
*39 new fanfic stories
     1 The 10th Kingdom
     1 Anime
     1 Baby Driver (new fandom)
     1 The Breakfast Club (new fandom)
     3 Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
     1 Due South (new fandom)
     1 Firefly
     1 Forever Knight
     2 Grantchester (new fandom)
     2 Harry Potter
     3 Marvel Universe
     1 Merlin
     4 Middle Earth
     1 Riverdale (new fandom)
     1 Sense8 (new fandom)
     1 Sherlock
     5 Star Wars
     8 Supernatural
     1 Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

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Born: 01.21.01
Last: 08.10.17

As you may or may not know, I have a sneezing fetish. As such, this site features materials relating to women and (mostly) men sneezing. As the fetish is sexual in nature, there is also some adult content throughout, though such things are marked. But consider yourself warned!

TG's Realm is a place for me to share my own works of art, fiction, wavs, and more. It's a chance for me to share and do what I like to do: write and be creative. See the About section for more information.

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